Battlefield LIVE Ohio

Battlefield LIVE Ohio is an exhilarating, team-oriented, combat simulation that uses realistic, yet easy to learn, gaming equipment.  Our Battlefield staff will brief you on how to use our equipment and will explain each mission and team objective.  Each mission is fun and challenging, and our Battlefield arena is like no other arena around - two (2) floors of a post-apocalyptic, urban battlefield. Each mission lasts approximately 15 minutes.

PRICE OF MISSIONS:  “Open Play” Battlefield at the RAC (during public hours)  These rates are per person rates and cannot be split up.

  •        1 Mission - $8.00
  •        2 Missions - $15.00   ***   MEMBERS PLAY 3 FOR $15.00   ***
  •        3 Missions - $20.00
  •        5 Missions - $30.00

* Gift Cards are available in any quantity you choose.*


Duration:  Approximately 2 hours

Cost:  $299.00 (price is based on 10 players; each additional player is $25.00).

Package Includes:

  • Private Party Room (45 minutes)
  • Your personal Room Coordinator will decorate and set up for your party prior to your arrival, entertain and serve your party guests, as well as clean up after your party so that all YOU have to do is take pictures and be a part of your child’s big day and share in the FUN!
  • Pizza and Drinks (unlimited drink refills) for the players (based on 10 players).  With the exception of cake and/or cupcakes, NO outside food or drinks are allowed to be brought into the RAC without prior RAC approval.
  • Three (3) Exciting Battlefield Missions for 10 players (SPECIAL OFFER BELOW)
  • FREE Battlefield LIVE Ohio T-Shirt for the “Guest of Honor”
  • FREE Military Dog Tag for the “Guest of Honor” which will be personalized on site during the missions.
  • Our “Guest of Honor” will receive a FREE mission available for future use at the RAC.
  • Our “Guest of Honor” will be allowed to graffiti his/her name on the wall of the briefing room of his/her choice (Alpha Room or Bravo Room).
  • Each party guest will receive a BOGO (Buy One/Get One) Mission Coupon available for future use at the RAC.

* Gift Cards are available in any quantity you choose.*

"MOBILE Battlefield" - We Bring the FUN to YOU!

Battlefield LIVE Ohio Laser Tag can be played year round – indoors or outdoors (aka - “Mobile”), day or night, at your RAC-approved location.  “Night Ops” is always an option where you can use the cover or darkness to your advantage.  Mobile missions such as Intel on the Enemy, Hostage Rescue, Sabotage, Team Death Match, Domination, and VIP Escort will be set up to be challenging, yet fun, and will involve a great deal of teamwork insuring that everyone will have a great experience whether you are new to combat simulation or if you are a pro.  Mobile Battlefield Packages can be booked by contacting the RAC at 330-364-6446.


Duration:  1-1/2 Hours

Cost:    $300.00 (Price is based on 10 Guns; each additional gun is $30.00)

  1. Additional time can be added to your party at a rate of $100.00 per 1/2 hour.
  2. Bunkers are available to rent if playing in an area with insufficient cover - $100.00
  3. There will be a $1.00/Mile Gas Surcharge for events outside of a 20-Mile radius of 44622.
  4. This package must be scheduled by calling the RAC at 330-364-6446.

Package Includes:

  • UNLIMITED Exciting and Challenging Battlefield Missions
  • FREE Battlefield LIVE Ohio T-Shirt for the “Guest of Honor”
  • Our “Guest of Honor” will receive a FREE mission available for future use at the RAC.
  • Each party guest will receive a BOGO (Buy One/Get One) Mission Coupon available for future use at the RAC.